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How to Amplify a Dance Floor

Posted by Ted Blue on 6/23/2015 to FAQ
We recently received a call about amplifying a dance floor for a tap-dancing performance. The dance floor was a full-floating hardwood floor (with a pad underneath), and the idea was to attach pickup sensors to the floor at various points and then run them all into a PA system for amplification....

Mighty Mite Pickups

Posted by Ted Blue on 2/22/2015 to Announcements
We are pleased to announce that we are now an Authorized Mighty Mite dealer and carry the entire line of Mighty Mite pickups and a selection of guitar hardware including pots, switches and jacks. Mighty Mite has been making parts and electronics for guitar manufacturers since the 1970's and...

Fishman Neo-Buster

Posted by Ted Blue on 2/1/2015 to Products
The new Fishman Neo-Buster Pickup solves a long-standing problem of how to use both a soundhole pickup and a feedback buster at the same time. If you have either one installed in your soundhole, it prevents the use of the other. But sometimes you need both...

How Pickups Work

Posted by Ted Blue on 5/20/2013 to Articles
I would like to provide an overview of the most commonly available types of pickups available today, without getting too bogged down in technical details. In subsequent articles I will discuss pickups for individual musical instruments in more detail.

In a nutshell, a “pickup” is a device that detects the vibrations (or resonance) produced by a musical instrument and converts those vibrations into electrical signals that can be sent to an amplifier, mixer board, PA system or recording device...

LR Baggs Lyric Guitar Microphone

Posted by Ted on 4/8/2013 to Reviews
LR Baggs introduced the Lyric guitar microphone earlier this year and we have been very pleased with the results. The mic is incredibly responsive, providing a very realistic acoustic guitar sound without the usual problems associated with mic'ing a guitar. Feedback resistance is very good and the overall sound quality is very airy and light in the treble range, clear and detailed in the midrange with well defined, solid bass response.

LR Baggs made waves when they introduced their Anthem guitar microphone system a couple of years ago. The Anthem, however, uses a different setup than the Lyric. While the Lyric is a full range microphone...
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