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Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter Stereo Tremelo Guitar Effects Pedal
Seymour Duncan ShapeShifter Stereo Tremelo Guitar Effects Pedal

Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter Stereo Tremelo Guitar Effects Pedal

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  • Stereo Tremelo Guitar Effects Pedal
  • Full LFO Control
  • Tap Tempo with LED Indicator
  • Phase, Shape and Wave Controls
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA

The Seymour Duncan Shapeshifter is a beast of a stereo tremolo. With more features than any other tremolo available, it conjures all of the classic tremolo flavors you love as well as more extreme effects like severe helicopter chops, piano stabs, or backwards swells. Combine full LFO control with tap tempo and stereo inputs and outputs all in a compact chassis and you have more than just a tremolo pedal, you have a Shapeshifter.

Shape and Wave Controls - Here's where things get crazy. Tweak every dimension of the LFO, from wave shape to symmetry, to create a whole new range of possible sounds and effects. You can continuously blend from sine wave to triangle wave to square wave and even choose what specific part of the wave you want emphasized by the effect.

Phase Control in Stereo - Continuously adjust the phase between left and right output channels from 0 to 180 degrees. This adds a whole other dimension to the tonal possibilities of the Shapeshifter. Try cranking the Phase and squaring off the Wave and it sounds almost like a stereo delay, wild!

Tap Tempo with LED Rate Indicator and Ratio Option - The speed of the effect is critical to making a tremolo sound good. That's why we give you not one but three ways to control the rate of the tremolo effect. You can either directly rotate the Speed control, use the Tap Tempo footswitch with LED rate indicator, or use the Ratio option to dial in speeds up to 4x faster than your quickest tap.

Each pedal is true-bypass and assembled at the Seymour Duncan Factory in Santa Barbara, California.

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