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Seymour Duncan Sentient 8-String Humbucker Active Mount Neck Pickup, Black
Seymour Duncan Sentient 8 String Active Mount Black

Seymour Duncan Sentient 8-String Humbucker Active Mount Neck Pickup, Black

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  • 8-String Humbucker Neck Pickup, Black
  • Alnico 5 Bar Magnet
  • Soapbar Active Mount
  • 10.1k DC Resistance
  • Four Conductor Wiring

Clean or dirty, the Seymour Duncan 8-String Sentient delivers great neck tone for extended range guitars, and pairs well with the Nazgul & Pegasus bridge models.

The Sentient humbucker was originally designed to accompany the 7 and 8 string passive Nazgul and Pegasus bridge pickups. It delivers a balanced, versatile tone that fits right between the 59 model and the Jazz neck pickup. You'll get pristine cleans, and fluid leads under high gain. The Sentient is a very articulate vintage output pickup with great dynamic response and a wide harmonic range. It works great for low tunings in all humbucker-equipped guitars.

This passive 8-string humbucker comes with a black soapbar cover with one row of exposed poles for a modern active look and is a quick retrofit into any guitar with an active rout. Pair with the passive Nazgul or Pegasus bridge humbuckers for a perfectly balanced metal tone. Hand built in the Seymour Duncan factory in Santa Barbara, CA, the Sentient uses an Alnico 5 bar magnet, nickel silver bottom plate, 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance.

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