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Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed Analog Distortion Pedal w/EQ, MOSFET, True Bypass
Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed Analog Distortion Pedal

Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed Analog Distortion Pedal w/EQ, MOSFET, True Bypass

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  • High Gain Analog Distortion Pedal
  • Discrete Dual MOSFET Circuitry
  • True Bypass
  • Active EQ with 12dB Treble/Bass Boost/Cut
  • Made in USA

The Seymour Duncan Dirty Deed is a high-gain, straight ahead rock distortion pedal that delivers classic, full sounding distortion to a sparkling clean amp, or a bold, rich overdrive to an already dirty rig.

From the light, singing overdrive of classic rock to raunchy, screaming, ear-shattering distortion, the Dirty Deed was created for complete versatility. The tone is very organic and natural sounding; it’s designed to capture the character and responsiveness of a classic overdriven tube amplifier with elements of distortion, fuzz and overdrive combined into a single wide-range pedal.

With a turn of the gain knob you can go from the sparkling overdrive of your favorite classic rock songs to a rich, powerful hard rock distortion with amp-like saturation. The distortion is thick and beefy with a sweet spot in the mid-range EQ and a strong bass response, while highly responsive Treble, Bass, Gain and Level controls allow you to dial in your ideal sound whether you're using the Dirty Deed as your sole source of grit or you're adding some extra dirt to an already-overdriven amp.

For maximum flexibility the Dirty Deed incorporates an active EQ for 12dB of treble and bass boost/cut. A pair of MOSFET transistors evoke the tube-like harmonics and lush sustain that only come from dangerously pushed amplifiers. Runs on a 9 volt battery or on standard 9v to 18v DC power supplies (not included). At 18v the Dirty Deed enhances overall saturation and compression. Package includes instructions, one rubberized non-slip pad, and two self-stick hook-and-loop pads.

After several years of development, this analog, 100% true bypass distortion pedal is now being released to the public. Designed and assembled in Santa Barbara, California.

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