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Seymour Duncan Antiquity Vintage PAF Humbucker Neck Pickup, Aged Nickel Cover
Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker Neck, Nickel

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Vintage PAF Humbucker Neck Pickup, Aged Nickel Cover

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  • Hand-Aged PAF Humbucker Neck Pickup
  • Hand-Built, Vintage Aged Appearance
  • Aged Nickel Cover, Black Mounting Ring
  • De-gaussed Alnico 2 Bar Magnet
  • Made in USA

The Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker neck pickup delivers an articulate yet mellow tone that results from a perfectly balanced frequency response that combines a soft, sweet treble attack with a warm, full sounding low-end. The custom aged Alnico 2 bar magnet creates an airy openness to the top-end that gives chords clarity and articulation, while the vintage output coils really bring out the rich harmonic content. Single notes have a beautiful singing quality with just the right amount of treble emphasis.

The Antiquity Humbucker is constructed using plain enamel wire, an Alnico 2 bar magnet with a wooden spacer, butyrate bobbins, black paper tape, vintage-style single-conductor cable, and a long-legged nickel-silver bottom plate. To be true to the original design, the pickup is not wax-potted, which gives it a slightly microphonic "honky" quality.

The Antiquity Humbucker provides a true vintage PAF sound that is warm, full, bright, and mellow, with smooth sustain and relatively low output. Excellent for PAF aficionados with vintage-looking guitars. For brighter-toned instruments; not recommended for use with ultra-high-gain tube amplifiers over 50 watts. Antiquity pickups especially enhance the well-loved appearance of old guitars.

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