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Seymour Duncan APS-1R Alnico 2 Pro Staggered Strat Middle Pickup, RWRP, Black Cover
Seymour Duncan APS-1R Alnico II Pro Staggered Strat Middle Pickup, RWRP, Black

Seymour Duncan APS-1R Alnico 2 Pro Staggered Strat Middle Pickup, RWRP, Black Cover

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Part Number:SDAPS1R-B
  • Vintage-correct Single Coil Stratocaster Pickup
  • Reverse-Wound, Reverse-Polarity (RWRP)
  • Black Cover with Seymour Duncan Logo
  • Alnico 2 Magnets, Staggered, Moderate Windings
  • Waxed Cloth Hookup Cable, "Keyed" Bottom Plate
  • Made in USA

The Seymour Duncan APS-1 is a vintage-correct true single-coil pickup, recommended for country, pop, surf, rockabilly, blues, ska and classic rock. This version of the APS-1 pickup is reverse-wound, reverse-polarity (RWRP) for use in the middle position.

The hand ground Alnico 2 magnets and moderate windings (Heavy Formvar® wire) yield a warm, sweet tone with more natural string vibration for great sustain. Players who get their distortion from the amp rather than the pickup love the APS-1. It allows them to back off the crunch and get beautiful clean tones with softer attack. Compared to the SSL-1, the APS-1 has a rounder sound with a spongier bass response. Comes with waxed cloth hookup cable and vintage-style "keyed" bottom plate.

This reverse wound, reverse polarity (RW/RP) pickup is used in the middle position for hum canceling in positions "2" and "4" on the five-way switch, along with the standard wound ASP-1 in the neck and bridge positions. Includes removable cover. Note that if the cover is used, the B pole piece will be slightly recessed into the cover. Left-hand stagger pattern available, call for details.

Players include Marc Ford / Ben Harper and Black Crowes, Kevin Hunter / Shania Twain, Dale Oliver / Reba McIntire, Jeff Pevar / CPR.

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