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Schatten RB-1 Upright/Double Bass Passive Pickup w/Jack
Schatten RB-1 Upright Bass Pickup

Schatten RB-1 Upright/Double Bass Passive Pickup w/Jack

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Part Number:SCHRB1
  • Passive Bridge Sensor Pickup System for Upright Bass
  • String-mounted 1/4" Jack Assembly
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Made in Canada

The Schatten RB-1 passive upright bass pickup includes Schatten's popular RB bass bridge sensor wired to a jack assembly that easily clamps between the strings just above the tailpiece.

The Schatten RB sensor element is designed to fit in the wing slot of a standard bass bridge. Normal placement of the sensor is in the bass- side slot. The sensor has a nominal thickness of 0.25" (6.35mm) and requires a slot opening of approximately 0.225" (5.7mm). The fit of the sensor in the slot is meant to be snug as this is a pressure-sensitive sensor. The sensor will compress slightly as it is pushed into the wing slot. Bridge not included.

The RB-1 includes a high quality jack assembly that simply snaps onto the D and A strings just above the tailpiece. The output jack accepts a standard 1/4" instrument cable (not included).

This passive RB pickup works perfectly well and sounds good when plugged straight into any decent quality bass amp, or you can use a preamp for more sound-shaping capabilities if desired.

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