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Schatten HFN-C Active Under-bridge Nylon String Guitar Pickup w/Volume and Tone Controls
Schatten HFN Active with Player endpin jack preamp

Schatten HFN-C Active Under-bridge Nylon String Guitar Pickup w/Volume and Tone Controls

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  • Active Under-bridge Pickup for Nylon String Guitars
  • Soundhole Mounted Volume and Tone Controls
  • Prewired 1/4" Endpin Jack Preamp
  • Easy to Install, No Soldering
  • Two Year Warranty
  • Made in Canada

The Schatten HFN-C Active VT Under-bridge Guitar Pickup is a high quality piezo transducer with a prewired endpin jack designed for internal installation on any nylon string guitar. This HFN pickup is specifically designed to span the center brace found on nylon string guitars. This model includes a soundhole mounted controller for volume and tone.

"The sound of this new guitar pickup is as close to that of a good quality mic as you've ever heard from a guitar pickup..."

The HFN-C models give you a sound that is much more realistic and acoustic than anything that you have ever experienced before. More realism in attack, more realism in overall response, these pickups actually allow your instrument to sound just as good plugged in as it does unplugged. The only thing missing from the HFN-C in a classical is the 'quack' that everyone has come to expect and accept in classical acoustic pickups. There is nothing artificial about the sound of the HFN-C's as the accurately reproduce the actual acoustic sound of the instrument.

The HFN-C Active pickup system includes the high quality Player single channel preamp built right into the endpin jack. The Player preamp increases the signal strength and allows the HFN-C pickup to be plugged directly into any amp, mixer or PA system. A trim pot on the circuit board allows setting the output gain to match your system.

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