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Schatten Dualie-Inside'R Internal Mount Pickup w/Jack
Schatten Dualie-Inside'R Internal Mount Pickup w/Jack

Schatten Dualie-Inside'R Internal Mount Pickup w/Jack

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  • Inside-mount Dual Sensor Pickup
  • Prewired 1/4" Endpin Jack
  • No Batteries Required!
  • Easy to Install
  • Made in Canada

The Schatten Dualie Inside'R is a versatile, general purpose two-sensor pickup that can be used on any instrument that has a soundboard, such as guitar, harp, dulcimer, etc. The Dualie Inside'R includes a standard 1/4" endpin jack and is designed for internal mounting.

The "Dualie" is a twin element surface mount piezo pickup. It is approximately 3/8" thick, 1 inch wide, and 2 inches long -- about the size of a box of wooden matches. The pickup has two high quality, high output piezo sensors encased in a rugged and durable housing. It is light in weight (a couple of ounces), and does not inhibit top movement or vibration.

The Dualie Inside'R comes prewired to a take-apart endpin jack. All that needs to be done is to drill a hole in the end block or other solid mounting location to push the jack through. The endpin jack tightens securely from the outside and provides secure attachment for your strap. For inside installation, the Dualie comes with a special high stick putty that will keep the pickup in place without any difficulty for years.

This pickup provides clean, clear sound reproduction, and has sufficient output to drive most amplifiers directly without a need for a preamp. If you are plugging into a mixer or PA system you may require a preamp to increase the signal strength to match that system. We recommend the Schatten Mini-Pre preamp for this pickup system.

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