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We specialize in pickups for all types of musical instruments, and have hundreds of pickups in stock for immediate delivery. If you are not sure which pickup is appropriate for your instrument, feel free to contact us. There are four common types of pickups available:
  • Contact pickups - Sometimes called "piezo" pickups or "transducers", these pickups are commonly placed on the soundboard, bridge or bridgeplate of the instrument and can be internally or externally mounted.
  • Under-saddle pickups - These can be made of different transducer materials and are inserted under the saddle of the instrument, typically wired to an internally mounted endpin jack.
  • Magnetic pickups - These are typically mounted in the soundhole or at the end of the fretboard of a guitar or other instrument and provide high output along with very easy installation and removal. Requires steel strings.
  • Microphones - Small condenser microphones can be placed in, on or outside of the instrument and can provide the most realistic sound reproduction available.
Note that some systems utilize two or more types of pickups to provide more flexibility in sound reproduction and playability.