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MojoTone Knockout J-Bass Jazz Bass Ceramic Neck/Bridge Pickup Set, Black
Mojotone Knockout J-Bass Pickup Set

MojoTone Knockout J-Bass Jazz Bass Ceramic Neck/Bridge Pickup Set, Black

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  • 4-String J-Bass Neck/Bridge Pickup Set
  • Ceramic Bar Magnets
  • Adjustable Pole Pieces
  • Vacuum Potted Coils
  • Made in USA

The MojoTone "Knockout" J-Bass pickups are designed with adjustable humbucker pole pieces, and use ceramic bar magnets for more clarity, punch and grind. This set includes both the Neck and Bridge pickups.

The Knockout J-Bass pickups are very versatile and can be used for all styles of music including fingerstyle, slap and picking. These pickups have lows that are very tight, smooth punchy mids, and snappy highs. The Knockout J-Bass pickup set has distinct tone with tons of presence that stands out in a mix.

The Knockout J-Bass pickups use ceramic bar magnets and are much louder and punchier than pickups with standard Alnico poles, with better string articulation and note definition. Vacuum potted coils reduce noise and microphonics for a cleaner sound. The adjustable pole pieces allow you to achieve perfect string balance for your unique instrument.

This two-pickup neck/bridge set for 4-string J-Bass guitars includes mounting hardware and black covers. Vintage cloth push-back single conductor wiring. The bridge pickup is reverse-wound, reverse-polarity (RWRP) for hum cancelling when combined with the neck pickup.

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