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Mi-Si Pickups

Posted by BSM on 12/1/2016 to Announcements
Mi-Si PickupsWe are pleased to announce that we are now an Authorized Dealer for Mi-Si Pickups. Mi-Si has pioneered the unique concept of a battery-free active pickup system. the Mi-Si preamps can be recharged using the included charger for several hours worth of play time. This removes the need for mounting a 9 volt battery on your instrument.

Mi-Si started with one pickup for Ukulele, based on the venerable LR Baggs Element undersaddle pickup sensor. They added their proprietary battery-free preamp and the result was a huge success. Now Mi-Si makes pickups for many different instruments, including steel and nylon string guitars, ukulele, mandolin and violin. They have also added a new microphone on some of their products to provide more realism and "air" to the sound quality.