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Lace Sensor 04902 Drop & Gain High Output Humbucker Bridge Pickup, Black
Lace 04902 Drop & Gain Humbucker Bridge Pickup, Black

Lace Sensor 04902 Drop & Gain High Output Humbucker Bridge Pickup, Black

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  • Drop & Gain Humbucker, Bridge
  • Outstanding for Drop-D Tuning in High Gain Setups
  • Huge Humbucker Sound
  • Low Noise Design, 24k Resistance
  • Made in USA

The Lace 04902 Drop and Gain Humbucker bridge pickup provides the ultimate in drop "D" tuning or for full articulation and punch in regular tuning. The is the industry's first pickup that has been designed specifically for drop tunings and ultra high gain rock music. The Drop and Gain is a totally redesigned pickup that helps solve the common complaints of muddy and mushy tones and loss of single note articulation when using drop tuning in a high-gain setup.

The Drop and Gain pickup uses slightly less magnetic pull than stock vintage pups - this helps prevent the excessive loose string vibration (caused by the Drop Tuning) from overdriving the signal. The coils are also mismatched, so one coil drives the pup hard and the other coil pulls out the necessary articulation. Lace Music's unique patented sensor design allows them to mismatch their coils without losing the hum-cancelling effect. This can only be slightly altered in a standard humbucker or the hum canceling effects will be lost.

Lace pickups sensors are single coil with very little hum, so when they combine them in a humbucker pickup, they can greatly increase its dynamic range without adding noise, thus making the Lace "Drop and Gain" pickup unique in design, tone and functionality.

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