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Lace 31010 Alumitone ToneBar 10-String 4" Pedal Steel Pickup, Chrome
Lace 31010 Alumitone ToneBar 10-String 4" Pedal Steel Pickup, Chrome

Lace 31010 Alumitone ToneBar 10-String 4" Pedal Steel Pickup, Chrome

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  • Aluminum-based 10-String Pedal Steel Humbucker Pickup
  • Polished Chrome Finish
  • Increased Resonance and Sustain
  • Split Coil Configuration, 4 Wire Output
  • Made in USA

The Lace ToneBar for steel guitar is the cleanest, truest, most hi-fidelity pickup you can buy for your 10 and 12 string pedal steel guitars. Providing extended bandwidth to faithfully reproduce your instrument's natural tone, it also has the guts to hold up under gain and attack! Another Lace Tonebar advantage is that they're ultra-light, taking a few pounds off your instrument.

The Lace Tonebar sound is very transparent. It is excellent for any playing situation from live to direct-to-board recording. The ToneBar LOVES effects and truly extends the tonal color of your instrument. You'll remember why you started playing pedal steel guitar! Here's what some players had to say:

"Let me just say how much I am enjoying your Alumitone pickups on my Pedal steel ....they are brilliant ! I actually tried them out at the Dallas steel guitar show - John Fabian of Carter guitars had a couple of PSG's set up with the Lace pickups on them which enabled me to see for myself how good they were." - Paddy Long, Christchurch, NZ

"... Many of the older pickups being made in the business today, you'll notice the notes of a chord sort of running together. With these Alumitone pickups (for Pedal Steel Guitar) you will notice a nice separation and every note seems to be ringing in its own world. Even the lower notes that run together have great separation. The highest notes that you will be playing will be ringing true and clear and you don't have to leave certain notes out to make sure that your melody note in a chord is predominant. Hope this answers the questions that many of you have asked. One more thing that is obvious about these pickups. They are without a doubt, the most beautiful pickups that have ever been put on a steel guitar." - Bobbe Seymour, Hendersonville, TN.

Note: Because of variance in string width between manufacturers please make sure when purchasing that it is the correct size pickup. Please contact us before ordering if you questions.

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