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LR Baggs MixPro Stereo Belt-clip Guitar Preamp/EQ/Mixer
LR Baggs MixPro Stereo Belt-clip Guitar Preamp/EQ/Mixer

LR Baggs MixPro Stereo Belt-clip Guitar Preamp/EQ/Mixer

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  • Belt-clip Preamp, designed for Stage Use
  • Works with almost any pickup combination, including mini-mics
  • Class A all discrete circuitry for sweet, transparent sound
  • Output phase control to minimize feedback
  • Phantom or 9V battery powered, switchable
  • Tunable low-pass filter

The L.R. Baggs MixPro is a two-channel preamp/eq designed specifically for stage use. It can be clipped to your belt or mounted to a microphone stand for easy access. A clever two-band equalizer allows flexible yet easy to use control over the sound, without adding noise or discoloration. Excellent for dual pickup systems, such as an under-saddle and mic combination. Includes phase switch, phantom power, variable gain for both channels, tunable low-pass filter, input blender, and more.

Note! Works with both passive and active pickups, or any combination of the two.

The Mixpro is a belt-clip preamp/mixer that allows a perfect combination of almost any sort of pickup or mini mic. It places every essential control right at the player's fingertips, eliminating the need to modify a prize guitar for onboard electronics -- or to carry around a heavy, obtrusive rack. The Mixpro provides 9V phantom power for the mic channel (switchable).

The MixPro is the recommended choice for players who want to amplify and blend two sources, such as a guitar pickup and a mini-mic. Its two identical input stages work well with almost any type of pickup. The two input channels are blended into a mono output signal; the blend and overall tone can be controlled with the mix and EQ controls included with the preamp.

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