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LR Baggs M1 Magnetic Guitar Soundhole Pickup w/Cable
LR Baggs M1 Magnetic Guitar Soundhole Pickup w/Cable

LR Baggs M1 Magnetic Guitar Soundhole Pickup w/Cable

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Part Number:BAGGSM1
  • Soundhole Magnetic Pickup
  • Triaxial Mounting, Body Vibration Sensitive
  • Passive Design, No Battery Required
  • Includes 10 Foot Cable for Non-Invasive Install
  • Includes Pre-wired StrapJack for Permanent Install
  • Made in USA

The LR Baggs M1 is a soundhole-mounted magnetic pickup, which requires no drilling in your guitar. It is essentially a dual coil humbucking pickup with the second coil mounted triaxially for movement in three dimensions. This pickup gives excellent string response, very low noise, feedback resistance, and is body-sensitive. All without a preamp!

From your first strum you'll know that the M1 is pure magic. What makes it so different? The secret is the breakthrough patent-pending TriAxial Dynamic Technology™ developed by Gary Garrett and Lloyd Baggs. This new technology allows the pickup to respond to the guitar's string and body vibrations, unlike standard magnetic pickups which only reproduce string vibrations.

The M1 provides completely passive operation: no batteries to worry about. The M1 sound is quiet and hum-free under the most challenging live conditions. This pickup is highly feedback resistant, and can be played hard without overloading. Adjustable pole pieces with smooth threadless tops preserve fingerstylists' nails, and allow fine-tuning of string balance to suit your particular setup.

Includes the LR Baggs M1-C2 StrapJack assemlby with a gold-plated 1/8" jack that makes moving or removing the pickup a snap. Also includes a high quality 10 foot 1/8" to 1/4" instrument cable for directly connecting to your amp without installing an endpin jack.

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