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LR Baggs Lyric Guitar Microphone

Posted by Ted on 4/8/2013 to Reviews
LR Baggs introduced the Lyric guitar microphone earlier this year and we have been very pleased with the results. The mic is incredibly responsive, providing a very realistic acoustic guitar sound without the usual problems associated with mic'ing a guitar. Feedback resistance is very good and the overall sound quality is very airy and light in the treble range, clear and detailed in the midrange with well defined, solid bass response.

LR Baggs made waves when they introduced their Anthem guitar microphone system a couple of years ago. The Anthem, however, uses a different setup than the Lyric. While the Lyric is a full range microphone, the Anthem rolls off the low frequencies of the microphone at a certain point and allows the included Element undersaddle pickup to reproduce that range. This was done in part to mitigate potential feedback issues that are often associated with microphones in that frequency range, especially when played harder or in high volume environments.

With the Lyric, there is no need to roll off the bass frequencies as the bass response is tweaked in the preamp to tighten it up and to reduce or eliminate potential feedback issues. There are other tweaks as well, including a built-in contour that maintains the mic sweetness regardless of how hard you play, and a presence control at the soundhole (next to the volume control) to allow matching the high frequency response to your guitar. There is also a noise cancellation circuit to reject "boxy" sound wave reflections inside the guitar.

Since the Lyric is a full range, high quality microphone, there is no need for a secondary pickup which simplifies the installation and reduces the overall complexity of the system. And of course you still get the famous LR Baggs quality, all discrete preamp circuitry, and the fact that each Lyric is hand-built and tested in the United States.

We have the Lyric in stock for immediate delivery, with free domestic shipping. For more information about the Lyric, feel free to give us a call or visit our website. Here are some useful links:

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