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LR Baggs Element Active Pickup/Preamp System w/Volume and Gold Strap Button
LR Baggs Element Active Pickup/Preamp System w/Volume

LR Baggs Element Active Pickup/Preamp System w/Volume and Gold Strap Button

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  • Element Undersaddle Pickup
  • Active Preamp in Endpin Jack with Gold Strap Button
  • Bright, Clear Sound
  • Excellent Feedback Resistance
  • Soundhole-mounted Volume Control

This version of the LR Baggs Element Active System includes the complete Element pickup system with endpin jack preamp, along with a gold strap button to replace the standard bronze button that is included in the Element package.

The Element Active System includes a pre-wired strapjack and harness, the same active preamp that is used in the IBeam, and the Element under-saddle pickup. Easy installation, requires a small hole in the bottom of the saddle slot, and a 1/2" hole where your bottom strap peg is (these holes may already exist on your guitar). Also includes a soundhole-mounted volume control.

The Element Active system is similar to the L.R. Baggs IBeam Active system, except that it uses the Element undersaddle pickup instead of the IBeam bridge plate transducer. If you play hard or at high volume levels, you will find this a better pickup than the IBeam and just as easy to install. Sounds great with all styles of playing, not just finger-style. Less sensitive to feedback and guitar body noise than the IBeam, and has a brighter, crisper sound.

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