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K&K Sound Soundhole Mounted Thumbwheel Volume Control for Guitar Pickups
K&K Sound Soundhole Mounted Volume Control

K&K Sound Soundhole Mounted Thumbwheel Volume Control for Guitar Pickups

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  • Soundhole Mounted Thumbwheel Volume Control Add-On
  • Solderless Installation, Prewired
  • Includes Replacement TRSS Endpin Jack
  • For High Output Passive Pickups
  • Works with Most Piezo or Magnetic Pickups
  • Made in USA

The K&K Volume Control Add-On is a non-destructive, plug-and-play addition to an existing Pure Pickup. Simply unscrew your existing endpin jack, remove it from the endpin hole, and plug it into the 1/4" plug of the volume control element. The 1/4" plug has a self-adhesive fastener, which can be secured inside the guitar. The lightweight thumbwheel control mounts with a peel-and-stick installation to the inner edge of the soundshole. Mount the new endpin jack into the endpin hole, and you're done!

Works with any single source passive internal transducer system, like the K&K Pure Mini, the Fantastick, Twin Spot internal or Big Twin internal as well as most other piezo or magnetic pickups.

This passive volume control works without a battery. It does not boost the volume, it only allows you to turn your volume down. It functions best when the input impedance of the device you plug your guitar into is 1 Mega Ohm (preamp/amp or mixing board-channel). If this input impedance deviates to a large amount (i.e. 100 Kilo Ohms or 10 Mega Ohms), you may experience diminished range (from "full volume" to "off" within a 1/3rd rotation) or, in extreme cases, a slight hum when the potentiometer is at middle position. This is a normal phenomenon when passive potentiometers are used with piezo based pickups. At "full-on" or "full-off" it will always be noise-free.

A lot of customers use the K&K Volume Control Add-On like an extended on/off switch. If you are looking for an active preamp solution that delivers more precise volume control plus a phase switch, we recommend the K&K Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp.

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