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K&K Sound Silver Bullet Microphone Pickup with XLR Out
K&K Sound Silver Bullet Microphone Pickup with XLR Out

K&K Sound Silver Bullet Microphone Pickup with XLR Out

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  • High Quality Flute/Wind Instrument Microphone w/Preamp
  • Excellent Sound Reproduction, Low Wind and Key Noise
  • Butterfly Clamp, Easy to Attach and Remove
  • XLR Balanced Output, Phantom Powerable
  • Made in USA

The K&K Sound Silver Bullet Microphone is a very powerful condenser microphone with excellent sound and frequency range. Its outstanding performance, especially on wind instruments, makes this small mic an affordable tool for every musician. This model has an XLR balanced output on the preamp for plugging directly into the mic channel of your amplifier, PA system or mixer board.

The K&K Silver Bullet has a 4" gooseneck built into the cable right behind the microphone head. This allows a variety of elevated positions on wind instruments. The mic is designed for close-proxity use, and is uni-directional so that you can adjust the tone to a high degree by simply pointing the mic in the right direction.

The K&K Silver Bullet includes two different attachment systems to accommodate different mounting methods: a lightweight padded butterfly clamp, and a special extra heavy duty "dual-lock" industrial strength attachment system which allows for attaching the mic to almost any instrument (in case the clamp does not fit).

The K&K Silver Bullet preamp/power unit supplies power to the mic and also provides active preamplification to match the signal to any amp, PA or mixer board. The preamp runs on a standard 9-volt battery (not included) or from 12-48V phantom power supplied via the XLR cable from your amp, PA system or mixer board. If phantom power is detected the internal battery will be switched off automatically to save battery power.

Note! There are no set standards for phantom power, and sometimes phantom power can fluctuate or be very noisy, depending on the system. If you are having problems with noise and hum, try turning off the phantom power on your amp, PA or mixer board and use the battery instead.

Includes microphone with attached cable, flute clamp assembly, preamp/power unit, dual-lock fastener, foam windscreen, instructions.

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