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K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ with 220V Power Supply
K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ

K&K Sound Quantum Blender Dual Channel Guitar Preamp/EQ with 220V Power Supply

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  • Dual Channel Preamp/Mixer/DI for Guitar and Bass w/220V Power Adapter
  • Works with Piezo, Mic and Magnetic Pickups
  • 3 Band EQ, Phase, Gain, Volume on Each Channel
  • XLR and 1/4" Outputs, Stereo and Mono 1/4" Inputs, Effects Loop
  • Made in USA

This model of the Quantum Blender includes the high current K&K Sound 220V power supply instead of the standard 110V power supply, for international buyers. The plug end of the cable is U.S. standard but can easily be replaced, or you can use a plug adapter if you prefer.

The K&K Sound Quantum Blender is a two channel preamp/mixer/di that has two fully independent channels. Each channel features a specially tailored powerful 3-band EQ, phase reverse switches, gain and volume controls. Mixed output options in both active-balanced and 1/4" line-level format, individual outputs, stereo and mono inputs, and effect loop. Channel one is switchable from mic to pickup impedance. All this, plus K&K's ultra low noise class A circuitry.

The K&K Quantum Blender allows for mixing a piezo transducer with a microphone, magnetic pickup or another piezo pickup. It can be used with any "2 wire" powered lavalier type condenser mic or with a piezo or magnetic pickup. Channel 2 is designed with K&K's Trinity System or Pure Pickup in mind, but it works well with all types of piezo transducers. The effect loop allows for connecting to an effect unit (like reverb) via a standard 1/4" stereo Y cable with a stereo plug on one side and 2 mono 1/4 plugs on the other (cable not included).

The K&K Quantum Blender includes a specially designed low noise U.S. made 12V DC power adapter that runs off 220V for international users. The power adapter uses a U.S. standard 3-prong grounded adapter cable that can easily be replaced. A 110V power adapter is available separately for U.S. users.

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