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K&K Sound Pure Floating Bridge Jazz Guitar Dual Pickup
K&K Sound Pure Floating Bridge Jazz Guitar Dual Pickup

K&K Sound Pure Floating Bridge Jazz Guitar Dual Pickup

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  • Dual Pickup System for Archtop and Jazz Guitars
  • Specifically Designed for Floating Bridges
  • Prewired 1/4" Internal/External Mount Jack
  • Easy to Install
  • Made in USA

The K&K Sound Pure Floating Bridge Pickup is designed especially for instruments with floating (non-attached) bridges. The Pure Floating Bridge pickup sensors are sandwiched between the feet of the floating bridge and the soundboard. Its special design makes it one of the most powerful systems in K&K's line of pickups.

The "sandwiched" mounting position allows the pickup to "hear" the soundboard as well as the bridge and strings in perfect balance. The K&K Pure Floating Bridge pickup features an extremely high output signal, warm and powerful sound, plus it is capable of very high volume without feedback.

The K&K Pure Floating Bridge pickup system includes a dual purpose jack that can be mounted internally or externally. If the jack is installed on the outside of the instrument, it can be installed with no (or minor) modifications to the bridge or instrument. If you prefer to install the pickup with an internally mounted jack, a 1/2" hole will be required - we recommend leaving this task to a professional.

With external mounting, the jack is installed with the double-sided self-adhesive "dual-lock" fastener, which is factory mounted to the jack (see photo). This adhesive will not harm glossy lacquered finishes. Any glue residues can be removed with WD40. With unlacquered finishes, we recommend applying some masking tape to the instrument first and then mounting the dual-lock to the masking tape. If possible, use the surface of the tailpiece or tailpiece holder for mounting the jack.

Due to its high output, the Pure Floating Bridge Pickup System works well in passive mode when plugged directly into most amplifiers. If you are plugging into a PA system or mixer board, you may need a preamp to increase the signal strength to match that system. If a preamp is desired for more headroom and control, we recommend the K&K Pure Preamp or the K&K Pure XLR Preamp, both of which are perfectly matched to the Pure pickups.

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