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K&K Sound Pure Bass 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar Pickup
K&K Sound Pure Bass 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar Pickup w/Gold Strap Button

K&K Sound Pure Bass 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar Pickup

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  • Two Sensor Pickup for 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar
  • Dual High-output Sensors
  • Includes Endpin Jack with Gold Strap Button
  • Easy to Install
  • Made in USA

The K&K Sound Pure Bass pickup system for 4-string acoustic bass amplifies the acoustic bass with a warm, natural and woody tone and delivers the same great performance you have come to expect from a Pure pickup. Dual high-output pickup sensors offer excellent response and works without a preamp on most amplifiers. This model includes a gold strap button instead of the standard chrome strap button.

The K&K Pure Bass transducers do not sound harsh or metallic. They are specifically designed to pick up a substantial portion of the vibration from the soundboard, offering a rich and deep sound that is more like a microphone. Each of the Pure Bass 4-String transducers pick up the sound from a pair of adjacent strings.

The output from the K&K Pure Bass pickup is strong enough to drive most amplifiers directly without the need for a preamp. If you are plugging into a PA system or mixer board, you may need a preamp to increase the signal strength to match that system. We recommend the K&K Pure Preamp or the K&K Pure XLR Preamp, both of which are perfectly matched to this pickup.

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