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K&K Sound PowerMix Pure Mini Dual Guitar Pickup System w/Preamp
K&K Sound PowerMix Pure Mini Dual Guitar Pickup System w/Preamp

K&K Sound PowerMix Pure Mini Dual Guitar Pickup System w/Preamp

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  • Dual Pickup System for Steel String Guitars
  • Pure Mini 3-Sensor Pickup System
  • FanTaStick Undersaddle Pickup
  • PowerMix 2-Channel Internal Preamp/EQ
  • Soundhole Mounted Dual Volume Controls
  • Made in USA

The K&K Sound PowerMix Pure Mini System includes both the Pure Mini and FanTaStick pickups, as well as the new PowerMix dual channel internally mounted preamp/eq/mixer. A soundhole mounted controller allows easy adjustments of volume for both pickups. This system is specifically designed for 6-string steel string guitars. The Pure Mini sensors are tuned to provide maximum tone without a boomy or boxy sound.

The K&K Pure Mini Pickup and the FanTaStick blend beautifully. More than the sum of their parts, the pickups create an impressive microphone-like tone quality with definition and power that is unprecedented in today's guitar pickup market, while maintaining excellent feedback resistance.

The Pure pickups are K&K Sound's most popular pickup system. This system includes three separate sensors that mount under the bridge to provide incredible realism and depth. The Pure Mini pickups have extended frequency range, smooth and accurate bass response, detailed midrange and shimmering highs. The sound from these pickups is warm and natural, true to the unplugged natural acoustic sound of your guitar.

The amazing FanTaStick undersaddle pickup provides exceptional clarity even when played very hard, with outstanding feedback resistance. The FanTaStick is bright and clear, and will easily cut through a mix when playing with other musicians. This pickup is the perfect complement to the Pure pickups.

The PowerMix is a two-channel preamp/eq with a three-band equalizer and a gain control for each channel. All the components are meticulously phase aligned. The PowerMix 2-Channel Preamp also uses new, low power consumption parts so that the battery life is up to 120 hours. The PowerMix turns on automatically when a cable is inserted into the endpin jack, and turns off automatically when the cable is removed.

The PowerMix preamp is designed to install hidden inside your guitar. A specially designed non-destructive mount is provided so that you can place the PowerMix under or near the soundhole until you get it fully adjusted. Once you get the EQ controls set to your liking, you can move the PowerMix further inside your guitar, out of view. Note that once the EQ controls are set, it is unlikely that you will be changing them very often. A soundhole mounted controller is provided to allow easy adjustments to the volume for each channel while playing.

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