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K&K Sound Golden Bullet Stringed Instrument Microphone with Preamp, XLR Out
K&K Sound Golden Bullet Microphone and Preamp

K&K Sound Golden Bullet Stringed Instrument Microphone with Preamp, XLR Out

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  • Guitar/Stringed Instrument Condenser Microphone
  • External Mount w/Gooseneck and Clamp
  • Includes Power Supply/Preamp Unit
  • XLR Balanced Output, Phantom Powerable
  • Made in USA

The K&K Sound Golden Bullet Microphone is an extremely powerful universal condenser microphone with clear sound transmission and high gain before feedback. Due to its convenient size and versatile attachment options directly to the instrument, it can be used with guitars and many other stringed instruments and a wide variety of drum and percussion instruments. It is recommended for external mounting only.

The K&K Golden Bullet Microphone has a sturdy 5" gooseneck built into the cable, right behind the microphone capsule. This allows for a variety of elevated positions. An industrial strength self adhesive dual-lock universal attachment system is supplied to accommodate mounting on all different instruments, regardless of shape or size.

An integral part of the K&K Golden Bullet microphone system is its preamp. It provides transformer-less preamplification plus professional active balanced XLR output. The preamp also provides the 5-volt power the condenser mic requires. The preamp works on a standard 9-volt battery (not included) or from 48 volt phantom power supplied through the XLR cable from your mixer or PA system.

Note: The Golden Bullet microphone will not operate directly from phantom power, it is powered by the included Golden Bullet preamp. Plugging the Golden Bullet microphone directly into a phantom powered jack will most likely damage the microphone and will void your warranty.

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