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K&K Sound FanTaStick Classic Nylon String Guitar Pickup w/Jack
K&K Sound FanTaStick Classic Nylon String Guitar Pickup w/Jack

K&K Sound FanTaStick Classic Nylon String Guitar Pickup w/Jack

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  • Undersaddle Pickup for Nylon String Guitars
  • Includes Endpin Jack
  • High Output, No Battery Required
  • Requires Soldering
  • Made in USA

The K&K FanTaStick Classic is amazingly sensitive under-saddle transducer for nylon string guitars. The FanTaStick was developed to transfer the maximum combination of sound elements that exist at the bridge. The real guitar sound with all its natural frequencies and resonances is being transmitted directly at the sound source, the bridge.

Super-Light Construction - To meet these requirements for the K&K FanTaStick Classic, the K&K engineers used a "super-light" construction principle. Only ultra-thin material cradles the piezo-crystals, which ensures the unrestrained transfer of the soundboard vibrations directly to the piezo crystals. This eliminates the need to provide electronic post-processing to improve the sound, as is the case with many other bridge pickups.

Compensated High E String - During the development K&K discovered that when different classic guitars were tested, the high E-string always transmitted more finger-picking noise than the other strings. The solution to this problem was to fit the FanTaStick Classic with special piezo crystal for the high E-string. This single crystal records less bass frequencies than the other crystals, so that the finger picking impact of all 6 strings is transduced equally.

High Output - Due to its naturally high output, the FanTaStick can be directly connected to an amplifier or mixer without a preamp. If you are plugging into a PA system or mixer board you may need a preamp to increase the signal strength to match that system. We recommend using the K&K Pure Preamp or the K&K Pure XLR Preamp, both of which are perfectly matched to the FanTaStick pickup.

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