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K&K Sound Definity System Pickup and Preamp for Floating Bridge Guitars, Gold
K&K Sound Definity System for Floating Bridge Guitars

K&K Sound Definity System Pickup and Preamp for Floating Bridge Guitars, Gold

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  • Gold Floating Bridge Pickup Sensor with Jack
  • Definity Preamp Included
  • For Archtop, Maccaferri and Jazz Guitars
  • Also for Bouzouki, Banjo, Cello, etc.
  • Easy to Install, Internal or External Mount
  • Made in USA

The K&K Sound Definity System is a brand-new solution that delivers K&K's natural pickup power to a variety of difficult to amplify acoustic instruments in an elegant and easy-to-install package. The K&K Definity System includes the Definity Pickup and the Definity Preamp in a single combo package. This model includes the gold pickup sensor.

The K&K Definity pickup is designed to work with virtually any floating bridge instrument, like Archtop and Maccaferri guitars, and even semi-acoustic electric guitars with Tune-o-matic bridges. It is also well-suited for the banjo, cello, and many ethnic or folk instruments like bouzouki, saz, etc. One single pickup element usually transmits an entire instrument with good balance.

The K&K Definity System comes with a stereo endpin jack (soldered mono) that allows adding another pickup or microphone. The endpin jack includes a self-adhesive clip that can be removed, which allows you to choose internal or external jack locations.

The pickup is only 6/1000 of an inch thin and measures 1 3/4" x 3/4" total. We call it a "compression pickup" because it is especially suited for "wedged" applications under a floating bridge. However, the pickup element is capable of transmitting sound like a soundboard transducer as well. In fact, we found that the best tone is achieved if the pickup is mounted so it is partially "wedged" and partially open on the soundboard.

The K&K Sound Definity Preamp is a basic preamp solution specially designed for the K&K Sound Definity pickup (not included), and features a phase switch, adjustable mid and treble controls (via trimpots), and a 1/4" line out. This preamp will increase the output of the Definity pickup significantly, and provides adjustments that are specifically tuned to get the best sound out of the Definity pickup.

The battery, phase switch, midrange and treble pots can be accessed by removing the snap-on cover of the preamp. The trim pots can be adjusted with a small screwdriver. The preamp turns on automatically when a cable is inserted - unplug the cable to preserve battery life when not in use.

Package includes one Definity Pickup with jack, and one Definity Preamp.

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