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Highlander Internal Mic for IP-2  Guitar Pickup
Highlander Internal Mic for IP-2 Guitar Pickup

Highlander Internal Mic for IP-2 Guitar Pickup

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  • High Quality Condenser Microphone for IP-2
  • Internal Mount, Easy to Install
  • Powered by IP-2 Preamp (not included)
  • Adds Depth and Presence
  • Made in USA

The Highlander IP-2 Microphone offers a simple, effective way to enhance the sound of your existing Highlander IP-2 pickup. This mic includes a built-in mic preamp and connects directly to the accessory jack on your existing IP-2 preamp.

In use, the signal from your IP-2 pickup is connected to the tip terminal of the stereo output jack, while the signal from the IP-2 Microphone is connected to the ring terminal. You would need to use a stereo cable (not included) to send the signals out to a dual channel amplifier, mixer or PA system. Having both signals available separately, you can use different equalization for each pickup or combine both signals with a stereo preamplifier or mixer.

Anyone who has tried to put a standard, good quality mic inside an acoustic guitar knows that it really does not sound very good. Typically there is an over-emphasis of the low end which becomes "woofy" and indistinct. This is often accompanied by a overall "boxy" or nasal quality. Highlander has tailored their microphone pickup to compensate for these effects. After a considerable research effort they have designed an elegant, rugged microphone that sounds excellent when used inside of an acoustic guitar. The IP-2 Mic is popular with musicians who like to play percussion on the body of the guitar. The IP-2 Mic simply clips on to a back brace inside the guitar, and plugs directly into the IP-2 accessory jack.

A sophisticated mic preamplifier is mounted in the clip. By including an optimized mic preamp in the clip, Highlander is able to offer major sound quality advantages (because the capsule and preamp are perfectly matched) and assure compatibility with a wide range of sound systems and amps that don't have mic power or phantom power available. This mic is an excellent value for money when you consider that most mics in this price range do not include an integrated, hi fidelity preamplifier. The Highlander IP-2 Mic preamp is powered directly from the IP-2 preamp (not included).

Note: This mic is powered by the Highlander IP-2 preamp (not included), which is required for proper operation. The IP-2 preamp is included with the Highlander IP-2 pickup system, which is available separately.

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