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Fishman Prefix Pro Blend Side-mount Guitar Preamp/Pickup/EQ .094"
Fishman Prefix Pro Blend Side-mount Guitar Preamp/Pickup/EQ .094"

Fishman Prefix Pro Blend Side-mount Guitar Preamp/Pickup/EQ .094"

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  • Dual Channel Preamp/EQ with Mic
  • Includes Matrix Undersaddle Pickup (.094", 3/32", 2.3mm))
  • Includes Adjustable Condenser Microphone
  • Bass, Treble, Contour and Frequency Controls
  • Phase and Notch Filter
  • Built-in Tuner

The Fishman Prefix Pro Blend Preamp/EQ system is Fishman's latest addition to the Prefix Series includes many features from their Stereo Blender, including an onboard chromatic tuner, a gooseneck-style internal microphone, and a streamlined new look in a smaller format.

Standard on the Prefix Premium Blend is Fishman's acclaimed Acoustic Matrix undersaddle pickup. To complement and contrast this pickup, a miniature gooseneck microphone captures the guitar's elusive natural ambience and sound chamber resonance. Blend the pickup and the microphone together for a powerful and cohesive acoustic guitar tone that is deeper and more "filled out" than the sound of either the microphone or pickup alone.

The Premium Blend's preamp module incorporates a unique flip-top battery compartment for easy access. Levels are set by the master volume and blend controls. Traditional shelving-style bass and treble, plus a semi-parametric "Contour" EQ are included so you can shape your guitar's tone exactly to taste. With the flick of a switch, you can choose between stereo or mono signal paths for the system's pickup and microphone. This feature expands your options for routing both signals.

To complete the package, Fishman has included a phase switch and an adjustable notch filter, both essential for fighting feedback.

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