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Fishman Powerbridge VMV Vintage Strat Piezo Bridge
Fishman Powerbridge VMV Vintage Strat Piezo Bridge

Fishman Powerbridge VMV Vintage Strat Piezo Bridge

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  • Acoustic Piezo Bridge Pickup System, Chrome
  • Fits Vintage Stratocaster Guitars
  • Six-screw Mounting
  • Tremelo Bar Included
  • Includes Parts, Hardware and Instructions

Special Offer - $10 discount on the Fishman Powerchip when purchased with any Fishman Powerbridge pickup!

The Fishman Powerbridge VMV is a direct drop-in replacement for Vintage Stratocaster and similar guitars with six-screw mounting, and provides a natural acoustic sound from your Stratocaster-style guitar.

The Fishman Powerbridge Piezo Bridge Pickups are built into high quality, made-in-the-USA replacement bridges for Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars. Piezo elements integrated into each bridge saddle respond directly to the acoustic energy of your electric guitar - providing an "acoustic" sound quality.

The included stereo jack outputs the piezo and magnetic signals on separate channels and requires a stereo instrument cable (not included). You can also use a switch (not included) to toggle between the Powerbridge and your magnetic pickups for a standard mono output if you prefer. Wiring instructions are included for both configurations.

On its own, the Powerbridge piezo pickup provides a subtle and intimate "acoustic" sound. Using a stereo output to your dual channel amp, mixer or PA system, you can blend the Powerbridge Pickup with your existing magnetic pickups to get a hybrid "acoustic/electric" sound. Use with clean magnetic sounds for bright, percussive tones - or with your favorite distortion settings for a range of hybrid clean and dirty tones.

Note: With the optional Fishman Powerchip preamp/mixer (available separately) you can blend the piezo and magnetic sounds directly on your guitar without the need for a stereo cable and external mixing. The Fishman Powerchip will blend the piezo and magnetic signals into a combined mono output.

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