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Fishman PowerBridge AST Tele Guitar Piezo Bridge Pickup
Fishman PowerBridge AST Tele Guitar Piezo Bridge Pickup

Fishman PowerBridge AST Tele Guitar Piezo Bridge Pickup

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  • Acoustic Piezo Bridge Pickup System
  • Fits American Standard Telecaster Guitars
  • Complete Piezo Replacement Bridge
  • Includes Stereo Output Jack
  • Includes Parts, Hardware and Instructions

Special Offer - $10 discount on the Fishman Powerchip when purchased with any Fishman Powerbridge pickup!

The Fishman Powerbridge AST is a piezo-saddle replacement bridge designed for American Standard Telecaster guitars, providing a natural acoustic sound from your electric guitar. The AST Powerbridge model fits Modern American Standard Telecaster and other guitars with closer lead pickup spacing.

Note! The Powerbridge AST (American Standard Telecaster) and VT (Vintage Telecaster) models are very similar, please check the specifications to make sure you select the correct model for your guitar. If you have questions, please call.

The Fishman Powerbridge Piezo Bridge Pickups are built into high quality, made-in-the-USA replacement bridges for Stratocaster and Telecaster style guitars. Piezo elements integrated into each bridge saddle respond directly to the acoustic energy of your electric guitar - providing an "acoustic" sound quality.

The included stereo jack outputs the piezo and magnetic signals on separate channels and requires a stereo instrument cable (not included). You can also use a switch (not included) to toggle between the Powerbridge and your magnetic pickups for a standard mono output if you prefer. Wiring instructions are included for both configurations.

On its own, the Powerbridge piezo pickup provides a subtle and intimate "acoustic" sound. Using a stereo output to your dual channel amp, mixer or PA system, you can blend the Powerbridge Pickup with your existing magnetic pickups to get a hybrid "acoustic/electric" sound. Use with clean magnetic sounds for bright, percussive tones - or with your favorite distortion settings for a range of hybrid clean and dirty tones.

Note: With the optional Fishman Powerchip preamp/mixer (available separately) you can blend the piezo and magnetic sounds directly on your guitar without the need for a stereo cable and external mixing. The Fishman Powerchip will blend the piezo and magnetic signals into a combined mono output.

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