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Fishman Neo-D Passive Magnetic Humbucker Guitar Soundhole Pickup
Fishman Neo-D Passive Magnetic Guitar Soundhole Pickup with Cable

Fishman Neo-D Passive Magnetic Humbucker Guitar Soundhole Pickup

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  • Magnetic Humbucking Soundhole Pickup
  • Includes 10 Foot Attached 1/4" Instrument Cable
  • Dual Coil Hum Cancelling Design
  • Neodymium Magnet Structure
  • For Steel String Guitars, 6 and 12 Strings

The popular Neo-D soundhole pickup is now available in a dual coil humbucking design. This value-price cousin of the Rare Earth pickup shares the same neodymium magnet structure for exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity. The Neo-D's low-profile, high-impedence design needs no battery.

The Neo-D can be used directly with most amps and PA systems without a preamp, and does not need batteries. A standard 10 foot instrument cable is attached, allowing you to install the Neo-D without any cutting or drilling. This also makes it easy to move the pickup between guitars.

The Neo-D Humbucking is a dual coil pickup. Dual coil pickups provide hum cancellation features (hence the name "humbucking"). The Neo-D single coil pickup could be affected by nearby electromagnetic intereference such as fluorescent lights or other equipment, but this dual coil pickup is specifically designed to cancel hum and noise from this type of interference, making this a much quieter pickup, perfect for stage use.

For unequalled sound quality and ease of use it's hard to beat the performance of the Neo-D Rare Earth pickups. Cutting-edge neodymium magnets provide excellent string-to-string balance and a pure, clean sound.

For steel string guitars only (6-string or 12-string), will not work on nylon string guitars. Also works for Cuatro and other similar instruments that have steel strings and round soundholes from 3-7/8" to 4-1/4".

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