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How to Amplify a Banjo

Posted by Ted Blue on 6/1/2016 to FAQ
K&K Banjo TwinThe pickups used to amplify a banjo are completely different than for guitars and other instruments. Compared to a guitar, a banjo head has significantly higher and more percussive resonance and is also in a higher frequency range. Slapping a guitar pickup on a banjo will result in a very tinny, thin sound with a tendency to clip, distort and feedback significantly.

About 80% of the banjo sound comes from ...

How to Amplify a Dance Floor

Posted by Ted Blue on 6/23/2015 to FAQ
We recently received a call about amplifying a dance floor for a tap-dancing performance. The dance floor was a full-floating hardwood floor (with a pad underneath), and the idea was to attach pickup sensors to the floor at various points and then run them all into a PA system for amplification....