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Electric Guitar Pickups

Pickups for electric guitars, including Stratocaster guitar pickups, Telecaster guitar pickups, Les Paul guitar pickups, Jazzmaster guitar pickups, and pickups for all other types of electric guitars. Includes pickups for 7-string and 8-string guitars and pickups for Lap Steel and Pedal Steel guitars. Electric guitar pickup types include the following:
  • Single coil pickups - Commonly found on Stratocaster guitars, but also on Telecaster and other guitars
  • Humbucker pickups - Also known as "dual coil" pickups, where the second coil provides hum cancelling
  • P-90 pickups - Also known as "soapbar" pickups, these are typically single coil pickups
  • Mini-humbucker pickups - Smaller versions of a typical humbucker pickup, commonly found on some Les Paul models and other guitars
  • Jazzmaster pickups - A special pickup type found on vintage Jazzmaster guitars
  • Piezo Bridge pickups - Piezo sensors typically embedded in saddles provide an acoustic sound for an electric guitar
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