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EMG PJ-Set Active Bass Pickup Set w/Preamp, Black
EMG PJ-Set Active Bass Pickup Set w/Preamp, Black

EMG PJ-Set Active Bass Pickup Set w/Preamp, Black

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  • EMG PJ-Set Active Bass Pickup Set
  • For Four-String P/J Bass Guitar
  • Includes Two P-Series Pickups
  • Includes One LJ-Series Pickup
  • Two Year Warranty

Combining EMG's famous P-series pickups and a versatile LJ-series pickup, the PJ set provides you with improved flexibility and range for new dimensions in tone. The P adds warmth, and incredible low end punch, while the LJ gives tight mid-range punch and dynamic high end response for a well defined attack. Used separately, or in combination, they offer unsurpassed flexibility in bass tones, accommodating both new and traditional bass playing styles, and making your bass sound the way a bass should. The result is pure capability; the capacity to produce everything from tight slap funk to smooth Motown groove, all with a sound that will set you apart.

One of EMG's original designs and their most popular bass pickup model since its introduction in 1979, the P series covers a wide sonic palette of classic and modern bass sounds. Because the P utilizes ceramic magnets coupled with short, squat coils, the tone is endowed with high-end articulation, warmth, and incredible low end punch, all with less noise and more signal. Countless pros use it because they find it has a natural presence, powerful lows, punchy midrange, and superior definition. Great for all styles of music.

The LJ pickup has a full bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. Featuring a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that increases the low frequency response, the LJ still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical Jazz Bass tone. For four-string P/J bass guitars.

Package includes EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cables (2), prewired control set including 2 volume controls, master tone control, output jack, battery clip, and adjustment screws.

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