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Dr. Duck's Ax Wax Guitar Polish and String Lubricant
Dr. Duck's Ax Wax Guitar Polish and String Lubricant

Dr. Duck's Ax Wax Guitar Polish and String Lubricant

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  • Do the entire instrument (fretboard, headstock, front. sides, back, pickguards)
  • Helps prevent fret oxidation
  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Lubes tuning machine knobs and posts
  • Lubes and restores strings and strap locks
  • All U.S. Made with U.S. Materials

Dr. Duck's Ax Wax & String Lube is the ultimate organic all natural cleaning / polishing / moisturizing formula for all guitars and other musical instruments. (including brass, woodwinds, strings, etc..)

Dr. Duck's Ax Wax is used by professionals worldwide to clean and maintain guitars and other musical instruments. Comes in a generous 4 oz. oval shaped bottle with an applicator cap (not an aerosol spray - safe for the ozone).

Cleans and Conditions the Entire Guitar - Dr. Duck's Ax Wax can be used to clean and lube bridge saddles and nuts, strings and strap locks, fingerboards, bridges, etc - virtually every part of your guitar! Safe for use on both matte and polished finishes, and makes an excellent conditioner for raw wood such as fingerboards and bridges. Protects the finish of your guitar in all climates, dry or humid.

Dr. Ducks' Ax Wax brings out the luster and natural beauty of the wood in your instrument, even for older and dried out finishes. Very friendly to delicate vintage finishes as well as modern instruments. This is the safest musical instrument cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula in the World!!

String and Fretboard Lubricant - Applying Dr. Duck's Ax Wax to the strings, fretboard, nut and saddle provides several benefits. Not only does it clean and lubricate the strings, it reduces string squeek and prevents the accumulation of skin oils on the strings and fretboard. Cleaning strings with Dr. Duck's Ax Wax will also help to neutralize skin oils and acids which can degrade your strings, making your strings last and sound great much longer than normal.

Many professional performers wipe down their strings with Dr. Duck's Ax Wax before and after each performance to make their strings and fretboard are in prime condition - shouldn't you?

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