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DiMarzio Area 58/61/67 SET: DP415 Area 58 + DP416 Area 61 + DP419 Area 67, White
DiMarzio DP415/416/419 Area 58/61/67 Hum Cancelling Alnico 2 Strat Pickup Set, White

DiMarzio Area 58/61/67 SET: DP415 Area 58 + DP416 Area 61 + DP419 Area 67, White

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Part Number:DMZDP415/416/419-W
  • Hum Cancelling Vintage Strat 3 Pickup Set
  • For Neck, Middle AND Bridge Positions
  • DP415 Area 58 + DP416 Area 61 + DP419 Area 67
  • Alnico 2 Magnets, Staggered Pole Pieces
  • Four Conductor Wiring
  • Made in USA, Five Year Warranty

The DiMarzio Area 58/61/67 SET includes the DP415W Area 58, DP416W Area 61 and DP419W Area 67 pickups for a complete Strat 3 pickup set. Typical placement: DP416 bridge, DP415 middle, DP419 neck, although other placement combinations are possible.

DiMarzio DP415W Area 58

There are two major differences between a great vintage Strat® pickup and an average one: treble response and dynamics. A great pickup is clear and bright, but not thin-sounding. A great one makes the sound jump out of the amp when you pick hard and drop way down when you play softly, and the tone varies when the string is picked at different spots. The best pickup we've ever heard like this was from 1958, and that's what inspired the Area 58™, with two major differences. DiMarzio's Area 58 pickup has way less magnet pull for killer sustain, and virtually no hum.

The DiMarzio DP415 Area 58™ Strat pickup has obvious similarities to the Virtual Vintage® 2.1 it replaces, but there are several non-visible performance factors that have changed. Dynamic range and string definition are greatly increased, leading to improvements in both clean chord-playing and overdriven soloing. The Area 58™ is very sensitive to small height adjustment differences: close to the strings produces a fatter, slightly compressed blues tone and further away yields crystal clean sounds.

The final improvement is in noise reduction. All of the original Virtual Vintage® pickups had better hum cancellation than full-size humbuckers, but the Area 58™ is even quieter.

DiMarzio DP416W Area 61

The DiMarzio Area 61 Hum-cancelling Strat Pickup is the result of twelve years of work on serious vintage single-coil design with no hum. Their goal has always been to capture the best qualities of pickups they heard from the 1950s and early 60s. They played several pickups from the early 60s that had a unique tonality: they were steely, yet woody-sounding. Naturally, they wanted to nail this sound, and wanted to do it with no hum and less magnet-pull. The Area 61™ does it.

Over the last 10 years DiMarzio has gotten literally hundreds of requests from guitarists asking for the Texas blues sound. This sound is centered on single-coils from the early 1960s, but it's also based on heavy strings and strong hands. We can't change your strings or your hands, but the Area 61™ captures the tonal bedrock this sound is based on. Like the Area 58™, the Area 61™ really responds to different pick attacks: played hard, it sounds louder and tougher than you'd expect from a vintage pickup, but it cleans up immediately by picking softer or rolling down the volume control. And like the Area 58™, its ability to cancel hum is superior to full-size humbuckers.

DiMarzio DP419W Area 67

The Monterey Pop Festival of 1967 was a watershed event in American music. When it was over, the world had heard and felt the sound of a Strat® in the hands of a master. Single-coils in 1967 were bright and very clean. And, of course, they hummed. DiMarzio has captured the classic bright and clean sound but totally eliminated the hum with their patented Area™ technology. They've also reduced magnet pull by 40% for improved sustain and clarity. The DiMarzio DP419 Area 67™ Hum-cancelling Strat Pickup has the chime of 60s pickups, and the 2 and 4 positions are light, bright and quack-happy.

Strat® pickups in the late 1960s used full-strength Alnico 5 magnets. The patented magnetic field of the Area™ models is more efficient and focused than it is on "true" single-coils, which allows DiMarzio to use Alnico 2 instead. There's much less magnet pull, but no loss of output. This is a major advantage in the neck and middle positions, where sustain and intonation can both suffer if the strings are exposed to strong magnetic fields. In the bridge position, the patented technology of the Area 67™ produces a sound that's very bright but not brittle.

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