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Cable Closeouts

Posted by BSM on 3/1/2017 to Announcements
We have a number of high quality cables on our Closeouts page that we have discontinued to make room for more pickups. We have only a few dozen of these cables left, so we increased the discounts to move them out.

All of our remaining CBI Cables are now an additional 30% off our already discounted prices. CBI (Caldwell Bennett, Inc.) is an American company that makes a variety of high quality cables of all types. We have an assortment of instrument cables, mic cables and speaker cables to choose from.

We have also dropped the price of the last of the Fishman-branded Asterope cables by $20 each. There are only two models left, both are 20 feet in length. These Fishman-branded Asterope cables are identical to the current Asterope cables with the exception of the Fishman logo stamped on the plugs.

Note: We will continue to sell the Asterope Cables separately, these are not being discontinued.