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Barcus-Berry 4000 Planar Wave Pickup System for Piano/Harp w/Preamp
Barcus-Berry 4000 Planar Wave System for Piano/Harp w/Preamp

Barcus-Berry 4000 Planar Wave Pickup System for Piano/Harp w/Preamp

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  • Planar Wave Pickup System for Piano and Harp
  • 4000XL Active Preamp/EQ/Direct Box
  • Operates on 9V Battery or Phantom Power
  • 1/4" Monitor Output w/Level
  • Balanced XLR Output with Ground Lift
  • Made in USA

A single Barcus-Berry 4000 Planar Wave System does the job that would otherwise take several microphones and a multi-channel mixer to achieve. Best yet, it attaches easily to either side of the soundboard without holes to drill or tools. The 4000 is preferred by instrumentalist Brian Culbertson.

Barcus-Berry's unique Planar Wave sensor technology reproduces the full frequency range with perfect amplitude balance, superior feedback rejection, and complete isolation from ambient sounds and even keyboard and pedal noise!

The included Barcus-Berry 4000XL preamp features a 1/4" monitor output with variable level, balanced XLR main out with ground lift and -12dB output pad switch. Operable with either 9 Volt battery or phantom power from your amplifier, mixer or PA system.

Planar Wave Sensor Technology

The Planar Wave Piano and Harp System represents a significant breakthrough in transducer technology. The Planar Wave sensor is essentially non-responsive to unwanted vibrations such as pedal and hammer noise, which are normal to the major surface planes of the instrument soundboard. The sensor is, however, highly sensitive to transverse energy waves traveling in the plane defined by the soundboard and is thus able to provide full-spectrum frequency response and perfect amplitude balance across the entire instrument while achieving an excellent degree of isolation from ambient sounds, together with outstanding feedback rejection.

The entire system can be quickly and easily installed on any piano or harp and can be just as simply removed without leaving any visible evidence of its use. No tools are required for installation. Includes 4000XL preamp/eq, rubber feet for preamp, Planar Wave sensor with attached cable, double-sided adhesive strips for sensor, instructions.

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