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B-Band AG-MIC Clip-on Internal Condensor Guitar Microphone for A2 Preamps
B-Band AG-MIC Clip-on Internal Condensor Guitar Microphone

B-Band AG-MIC Clip-on Internal Condensor Guitar Microphone for A2 Preamps

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  • Clip-on Microphone for B-Band A2 Preamp
  • Ambient Noise Canceling Sensitivity Pattern, Low-end Roll-off
  • Designed Especially For Acoustic Instruments
  • Clamp And Gooseneck Provide Easy Position Adjustment
  • Includes Mic, Clamp and Connector Cable
  • Requires B-Band A2 Preamp (not included)

The B-Band AG-MIC is a clip-n condenser microphone designed for use with the B-Band A2 preamp (not included). With the advent of the 1470 AST, the perception of making acoustic guitars sound more alive has changed. In the past, combining the signal of a B-Band UST and the B-Band Condenser Microphone had been the ultimate in reproducing all the nuances of an acoustic guitar's sound. Some may still prefer the qualities that a great soundhole condenser microphone can produce. For those who do, the B-Band Condenser Microphone is the perfect match for the UST or AST (AST/UST pickups not included).

The special requirements of acoustic instruments prompted us to design the microphone with a bass roll-off built into it. The mic holder clamp and gooseneck provided allow easy installation and adjustment of mic position. The B-Band transducers and B-Band Condenser Microphone are accessed separately via a standard 6.3 mm / 1/4" TRS stereo cable with the B-Band A2 preamp (cable and preamp not included).

The B-Band Condenser Microphone can be used with the A2 preamp at the second channel instead of the AST soundboard pickup. The AG-MIC only works with the model A2 preamp, it does not work with the A2.2 preamp and cannot be powered by phantom power. However, the AG-MIC can be powered by an external 5V-9V DC power source, such as a battery. Includes the AG-MIC, clamp and connector cable only - preamp and AST/UST pickup not included.

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