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B-Band A3T-1470 Side-mount Guitar Preamp/EQ w/Tuner, AST Pickup
B-Band A3T-1470 sidemount preamp w/Tuner, AST Pickup

B-Band A3T-1470 Side-mount Guitar Preamp/EQ w/Tuner, AST Pickup

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Part Number:BBANDA3T-1470
  • Includes 1470 Soundboard Transducer (AST) Pickup
  • Includes A3T Onboard Preamp w/Volume and EQ Controls
  • High Gain Before Feedback
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • 9-volt phantom power option
  • For Steel and Nylon String Guitars

The B-Band A3T-1470 includes the B-Band 1470 Soundboard Transducer (AST) along with the A3T Onboard Preamp with built-in tuner. Includes all necessary installation parts and hardware.

B-Band 1470 Acoustic Soundboard Transducer (AST)

Advanced redevelopment at B-Band brings a totally new AST (Acoustic Soundboard Transducer)*. A vast improvement in controlling the AST transducers own resonance frequency makes for a unprecedented natural acoustic sound, even at high volume levels. Also, this AST is compatible with all B-Band onboard preamps (except 2150 preamp). The newly designed B-Band AST, with a bigger pickup surface (14mm/.55" x 70mm/2.75"), acts to capture all the detailed acoustics of the instrument without sounding boxy. It has all the advantages of a microphone, without the negatives of feedback and positioning.

Positioning of the AST is not critical making installation fast. The AST attaches to the guitar's bridge plate with a special two sided tape. String balance is always even. The AST is an ultra-thin flexible and rugged constant structure all the way to the preamp. Connection to the preamp is an easy "plug in" without soldering.

(* Patented, patents pending.)

B-Band A3T Onboard Preamp

The A3T retains the simple and small features that are big on sound and intuitiveness. The compact preamp has a 4-band rotary EQ, low battery LED and a wide range chromatic tuner. The EQ provide quick and accurate changes. The chromatic tuner is fast and has a range that will be welcomed buy customers that want to tune a full step down from standard -- great for open tunings and 12- string guitars too! The tuner's read-out shows all notes, including sharps, great for standard and open tunings. The tuner has a single window showing the pitch and four LEDs showing the half step, sharp, flat and in-tune. 9-volt battery powered HZZLess circuit.

The A3T preamp features a fully chromatic tuner with wide range and fast response. It has a single input for either the UST or AST pickup and provides the HZZLess low noise / high output circuitry. Includes a 4-band EQ with LED low battery and "blink" switch-on status lights. Also includes a Box-Tight battery holder and pre-wired high quality endpin output jack.

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