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B-Band A2.2-29R-1470 Dual Channel Guitar Pickup/Preamp
B-Band A2.2-29R-1470 Dual Channel Guitar Pickup/Preamp

B-Band A2.2-29R-1470 Dual Channel Guitar Pickup/Preamp

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Part Number:BBANDA2.2-29R-1470
  • Includes 1470 Acoustic Soundboard Transducer (AST) Pickup
  • Include 29R Under Saddle Transducer (UST) Pickup (1/8")
  • Includes A2.2 Stereo Endpin Preamp w/Volume Control
  • High Gain Before Feedback, Wide Dynamic Range
  • 9-volt Phantom Power Option
  • For Steel and Nylon String Guitars

The B-Band A2.2-29R-1470 is a stereo, two pickup system with preamp and mixer. It includes both the improved B-Band 29R Under Saddle Transducer (UST) the B-Band 1470 Acoustic Soundboard Transducer (AST) pickup along with the A2.2 Stereo Endpin Preamp. A soundhole mounted volume control is included. Includes all necessary installation parts and hardware.

B-Band 29R Under-saddle Transducer (UST)

The B-Band UST (Under-Saddle Transducer)* still stands as the first transducer that alone, sounds better than many pickup / microphone combinations. An instrument equipped with a B-Band UST has enhanced countless productions, in the studio and in live performance, by being able to produce a great acoustic tone quickly. The updated 29R pickup now has ribs for stiffening, which improves stability and frequency response.

Designated as the "4th Gen UST", the new UST has been stiffened for better string balance qualities, higher output, greater durability and even lower background noise. Evolution of the revolutionary B-Band UST has been prompted by the many knowledgeable and fantastic artists that B-Band works with. This significantly updated UST is a testament to that spirit.

Even though these changes have been made, the UST remains very thin - only 0.4 mm / .015" - and usually does not require a new string saddle or adjustment to saddle cavity. Since the UST is all one piece - i.e: not segmented - positioning for string spacing is a thing of the past. The UST is a flexible, rugged and constant structure all the way to the preamp. Connection to the preamp is an easy "plug in" without soldering.

B-Band 1470 Acoustic Soundboard Transducer (AST)

Advanced redevelopment at B-Band brings a totally new AST (Acoustic Soundboard Transducer)*. A vast improvement in controlling the AST transducers own resonance frequency makes for a unprecedented natural acoustic sound, even at high volume levels. Also, this AST is compatible with all B-Band onboard preamps (except 2150 preamp). The newly designed B-Band AST, with a bigger pickup surface (14mm/.55" x 70mm/2.75"), acts to capture all the detailed acoustics of the instrument without sounding boxy. It has all the advantages of a microphone, without the negatives of feedback and positioning.

Positioning of the AST is not critical making installation fast. The AST attaches to the guitar's bridge plate with a special two sided tape. String balance is always even. The AST is an ultra-thin flexible and rugged constant structure all the way to the preamp. Connection to the preamp is an easy "plug in" without soldering.

(* Patented, patents pending.)

B-Band A2.2 Stereo Preamp

The B-Band A2.2 with XOM is the future of acoustic guitar sound reproduction design. This dual input / mono output onboard preamp is set up for use with the acclaimed combination of UST and AST transducers. These, along with the convenient onboard remote XOM mix and volume controls, that mount just inside the edge of the soundhole without modification, bring the best of both transducers' characteristics together resulting in a sound that is true to the guitar's unique voice.

The entire A2.2 system installs quickly and easily only requiring two holes to be drilled - one under the saddle for the UST and one for the endpin output jack / strap button. For fast connection all components are plug-in - no soldering.

The preamp mounts inside the guitar at the back and has input gain trims for both transducers that are adjustable with a screwdriver. The preamp is housed in lightweight all-metal box and is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included). All mounting hardware, including a high quality endpin jack and hold-tight battery clip, are supplied.

XOM - Cross Over Mix

In our continuing search for realistic acoustic tone the B-Band research and development team has applied a crossover system to their exclusive patented pickup material. The Cross Over Mix (XOM) system combines the best aspects of each pickup into one complete source. By sensing the guitar from two separate locations and combining, what each pickup does best, the XOM system has a very complex and rich sound that further augments already superior sounding Emfit film pickups.

The ideal process for authentic acoustic reproduction comes from combining the high frequencies of the AST and low frequencies of the UST, making a sound that is much more complete, true and pure. In addition, the XOM pan pot allows the player to select between full UST/AST XOM mix and the UST alone or one of the many points in between resulting in almost unlimited possibilities.

The player will find XOM to be an amazingly flexible sound manager resulting in an elegant transparent tone at any performance level.

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