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Highlander IP-1X Under-saddle Guitar Pickup w/Preamp & External Power Supply

Highlander IP-1X Under-saddle Guitar Pickup w/Preamp & External Power Supply

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The IP-1 is used by thousands of musicians including many of the world's top players. Highlander's integrated pickup and preamp sets new standards in acoustic sound reproduction.

The IP-1 is designed primarily for use in steel string or nylon string acoustic guitars and basses, but has founds its way into everything from resonator guitars to kotos. The pickup is a unique under-the-saddle coaxial transducer. It is very flexible and is ideal for any string spacing. It can be shortened using a sharp pair of wire cutters.

The pickup is connected to a true Class A audiophile-quality preamplifier that is housed in a metal tube and mounted on the endpin jack. This preamp's level of ultra-low noise and distortion has to "not" be heard to be believed

The IP-1 installs through the endpinhole and features an attractive strap holder. A unique connector is designed to simplify installation and help ensure long term stability and operation. The system has excellent feedback resistance and is packaged to take the rigors of the road.

Note! The installation of this pickup requires a special tool to tap the threads into the endpin hole, and to route the slot for the pickup in the bottom of the saddle slot. We have these tools available if you need them. We recommend professional installation.

If you want to add a mic or sound hole pickup to your instrument, then check out the IP-2, which includes a jack for a second pickup.

The Pickup

Highlander's pickup is flexible allowing it to make intimate contact with the instrument as well as the saddle. The pickup responds to pressure changes applied to it from every direction. This means that vibrations in the body of the guitar as well as the saddle are captured by the pickup. Sensitive along its entire length, the pickup is suited to any string spacing. The response is smooth with a very natural dynamic. This combined with exceptional frequency response capture the subtlety as well as the power of the instrument and the music.

The pickup is of coaxial construction. The braid and the inner conductor are stainless steel. The material between the inner conductor and the outer braid generates a signal that is proportional to pressure changes on the pickup. This signal is carried by the inner conductor and the braid. The braid also shields the sensing material from interference.

It is important that the inner conductor and the outer braid do not come into contact with each other. This will result in serious signal loss. If the pickup is cut, the end must be checked to insure that there is no contact between the braid and the inner conductor.

Humidity, temperature and age are just some of the factors that can cause an instrument to change its shape. The flexibility of the Highlander pickup enables it to move with the instrument. This ensures consistent high performance as the instrument "breathes".

Due to the pickups high impedance, a well designed low noise matching preamplifier is necessary to obtain the optimum results. Highlander pickups come wired to our specially designed matching preamplifier. In a typical acoustic guitar installation, no soldering is required.

The Preamp

Highlander's preamplifier is the result of many years of research and experience designing equipment on the road and in the recording studio. This is a true Class A, hi fidelity preamplifier. Its exceptional frequency response, wide dynamic range, low distortion and low noise ensures that everything from the harmonic subtlety to the full power of your instrument will be faithfully reproduced.

The preamplifier is housed in a unique package that is as rugged as it is elegant and functional. The electronics are protected from mechanical shock and humidity by a special potting compound. The tubular metal housing protects the preamplifier from interference. In a typical acoustic guitar installation, no soldering is required. The screw thread used to hold the preamp in the end block of a guitar is designed to minimize the possibility of the preamp coming loose when the end block swells and shrinks with changes in humidity and temperature.

The preamplifier runs from a single 9-volt battery and is optimized for low power operation. The preamp draws 440 A from the battery and activates when you plug in. Battery life is approximately 1000 hours.

In this day and age with the great strides forward in low noise amplification and digital recording systems, noise and distortion from your guitar preamp will become more and more evident. Highlander sets new standards for low noise and low distortion electronics, keeping you up to date with new technology for years to come.


Frequency Response: Flat from 10Hz to >500KHz
Dynamic Range: > 100dB (ref. 10Hz to 40KHz)
Input Impedance: Matched to Pickup
Output Impedance: < 80ohms
nominal output level: -10db
headroom: 18db (ref. -10db)
power consumption: 440uA
power: one 9v battery
battery life: for an IP-1 is 1000 hours (approximately)
(test load: 100k)

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