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Headway "The Band" Wraparound Multi-Sensor Pickup System for Cello
Headway Cello Band

Headway "The Band" Wraparound Multi-Sensor Pickup System for Cello

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  • Wraparound Pickup Band for Cello
  • Easy to Install and Remove, No Alterations to Instrument
  • Multiple Pickup Sensor Elements, Pre-Equalized Tone
  • High Output Passive Pickup, No Batteries
  • Includes Standard 1/4" Female Input Jack
  • Cello Not Included
  • Made in the United Kingdom

The Headway Cello Band is an acclaimed instant-fit pickup which attaches to itself around the the body of the instrument. It requires no instrument alterations, therefore there is no need to leave your instrument with a fitter, or to pay fitting charges. You also have the additional bonus of being able to easily remove it when required and swap between instruments.

The Band generates a strong passive signal (no batteries required), which can be plugged straight into a mixing desk or combo amp. The multiple pickup elements are tuned specifically for cello and require little equalisation in most situations.

The highly popular Cello Band is ideally suited for fast, easy access to warm amplified sounds and is a keen favourite with sound engineers and a wide range of players alike. Feedback rejection is much better than via microphones, yet instant plug-in tone is far superior to that from competitors' bridge pickups. The Cello Band may also be practical to use in higher volume situations, such as with big stage monitors and in rock music, where careful attention is paid to signal processing.

The Cello Band is constructed for stage and road use, and stores in most instrument cases. The multi-element configuration provides plenty of output. No preamp or EQ box is usually needed to amplify effectively, you can plug directly into most mixing desks or combo amps and the Cello Band will happily drive most pedals, rack units and other audio devices. Includes one year manufacturer warranty.

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