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Dr. Ducks Classical/Nylon Guitar Strings Med/High
Dr. Ducks Classical/Nylon Guitar Strings Med/High

Dr. Ducks Classical/Nylon Guitar Strings Med/High

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  • Balanced Ranges provide Natural Sound
  • Consistent Performance during Bends, Harmonics or Alternate Tunings
  • Nylon with Silver-wound Bass Strings
  • Medium High tension for better control and harmonics
  • Tie-end
  • All U.S. Made with U.S. Materials

NEW! Specifically designed for Nylon String guitars! Works with classical, folk, flamenco guiitars.

Looking for quality strings that won't break your bank account? Try Dr. Ducks strings, exceptional quality at a great price! Brought to you by the maker of the famous Dr. Duck's Ax Wax products.

Quality Strings - Dr. Ducks Strings are high quality phosphor bronze strings made in the United States. These strings are made by the same string manufacturer that produces other name-brand strings, except that Dr. Ducks makes them available at a much lower cost, using "plain wrap" packaging to keep the production costs down.

Tightly Wrapped - Many strings are mass produced using high speed production techniques that can result in moderate or loose string windings. Dr. Ducks strings are wrapped extra tight, which results in a longer lasting string that will not break as easily. Tight wrapping also provides much better tone and less finger fatigue, and very consistent intonation and balance. And because they are less prone to stretching, Dr. Ducks strings tend to stay in tune longer!

Balanced Sets - The sizes for Dr. Ducks strings are specially selected to provide a balanced sound, and to reproduce the sound of your guitar accurately. These balanced sets provide equal volume and intonation for each string, avoiding strings that "stand out" from the others. Available in several different sizes to accommodate various playing styles and preferences.

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